Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grist's Eco-villian of 2008

Don Blankenship, CEO of (really evil coal company) Massey Energy has been nominated for Grist's Eco-villian of 2008 and you should totally vote for him.


Here is what Grist has to say about him:

In addition to his customary pursuits -- violating mine safety laws, bullying politicians and regulators, bribing state Supreme Court judges, blowing the tops off mountains -- this spring the CEO of coal giant Massey Energy was caught on tape threatening to shoot a reporter (like, with a gun). Perhaps to distract attention from that savvy PR move, he was caught on tape in November saying climate change isn't real, "greeniacs" are "crazies," mass transit will destroy capitalism, and his media critics are "communists" and "atheists." Gives mustaches a bad name.