Monday, November 17, 2008

Green goes underground

Hey! is this where we can flagrantly promote our own social and political agendas without fear of overloading someone's email inbox?

A agree with Andrew wholeheartedly about the list. I find it very informative...and as far as getting the list in other forms, I have a few lists that i get via daily digest, which is a nice option.


Jose said...

I agree, I love the listserve. This blog is a great idea. Now we can keep the conversation going, as well as make partisan comments like "Sarah Palin sucks!" and blantantly biased comments like "if you don't believe in Global Warming, then get out of my planet" and so forth. But I'll keep it nice, I promise.

Robert Johnson said...

I second the list-serv.
But am also excited to see this site. Hopefully, you self-selected folks won't get too "overwhelmed"

Lenna Storm said...