Monday, November 17, 2008

This article gave me mixed feelings

'Save The Environment'??? Puh-leeze: Let's Get Real


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Robert Johnson said...

thanks for the article -
here's my comment - that I tried to post...but I'm not sure it made it through:
pretty soon we'll be at 9 Billion people.
Will I still be able to buy 40, $3 shirts at Wal-Mart?
hmm..9 Billion * 40 * $3 = $1.08 Trillion - and that's only monetary cost.
one day we'll realize (again) that we're global CITIZENS not global CONSUMERS. Then, we'll suddenly realize that even though "Wal-Mart" is zero-waste and super-efficient, my 2050 Ford Expedition, running on gasoline from China, is what makes it permanent summer in Boston. Thank goodness the Australians can make cheap T-shirts.